NEXT LEVEL Visual Declaration



I will create NEXT LEVEL version of your Visual Declaration.

What if the future is NOW. With the Next level declaration, you are seeing yourself already being, doing and achieving that what you want to be in the future, today !

With the next level version, you get to put your facial features on a chosen picture. This service includes inserting your facial features in the image that you have chosen from the standard visual declaration. To choose your photo, please refer to the KISS gallery collection here. In case, you would like a personalised visual declaration, the price of the  product will apply.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Please send me 3 different jpg or png high quality photos of you or the person you want to put on the picture (in portrait format if possible).

Step 2: Include the code or name or screenshot of the desired image of the gallery or your personalised picture (to be ordered separately)

Step 3: Enter the text you would like to add on the image in the comment field (maximum 4-5 lines).
Step 4: After ordering, it takes 3-5 days to receive your visual declaration as a digital PNG in high quality which you can print out and place anywhere in your home.

For more information, please check the video:


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